Travel Alert-Important information in light of COVID-19

The global spread of Coronavirus has disrupted travel. The safety and well being of our guest and team members are our top priority and in line with direction from health experts and Government Officials, Green Book Travel has suspended trip departures through the end of September 202O.

**Updated 05/2/2020**Trip suspension date updated 7/29/2020

The COVID-19 crisis and its impact has required flexibility and adjustments by all of us. We recognize the uncertainty in booking future travel accommodation.  To help our guest, we have taken the following actions. 

• Payment Flexibility Options We have automatically stopped charging late fees and have temporarily paused trip cancellations due to non payment for the next 90 days.
• Refund Guarantee- For trip departures after June, in the event that COVID-19 makes travel a risk to our community and we have to cancel, you’ll be provided a full refund including all fees associated with booking your trip. 

• Payment Deferment - Through November you can delay your trip payments  to help lessen your current financial obligations because of COVID-19


If you are an existing guest of have questions  the best way to reach us is the following:
Phone: 1 800 966-2101

As responsible operators, we will be in close watch of all the developments that will arise in the days ahead. We look forward to resuming our journeys.

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Whether your preference is an African Safari, a annual African festival, ancestry discovery or the usual sun, sand and cuisine adventure -our experts curate trips of a lifetime!

Our authentic, sustainable travel experiences take you on a immersive, reflective journeys, where the sunsets are more vibrant and the music echos through your soul as you discover some of the greatest stories never told.

Journey to our ancestral homelands.

We have the perfect trip for you!


Green Book Travel presents you with our Afro Brazil Experience.

Join us as we journey to The most African city in the world - Bahia for a celebration of culture combined with Rio De Janeiro- perhaps the most beautiful city in the world! This cultural trip is rich in history combined with the fun of Brazil!

We are taking you to the places that aren't represented in the travel brochures and mainstream media.  Salvador is the most representative city of Africa,  home to the largest population of the diaspora outside of the continent.  Join us for a celebration of  the Legacy and resilience of African Culture.

The Cartagena Experience presents you with an opportunity to explore Colombia-Caribbean pearl, a colonial gem and UNESCO world heritage site. On this 6 day/5 night trip, we will immerse ourselves in a customized curated itinerary that combines Afro Colombia cultural exploration and fun.


We will explore the REAL CARTAGENA. Let’s bond over a cultural rich visit to one of the most symbolic towns of Latin America: The World Cultural heritage village San Basilio de Palenque-the very first liberated village of America of escaped slaves!  We immerse in Afro Culture, cuisine, religion, music, dance, and art- derived straight from the Continent!

We are connecting to our ROOTS! Green Book Travel offers Senegal and Gambia as a new addition to our cultural exploration series.  


This trip explores two culturally dynamic and cosmopolitan countries merging cultural experience with important history and stunning landscapes. We are uncovering the rich culture, history, cuisine and artistic significance that reflects the colonial history and significance of African descendants.This is a trip of a lifetime! We invite you to discover West Africa with a  pilgrimage to pay respects to the ancestors!  

Marsa Alam  Bucket List Extension!

We journey to ancestral homeland KEMET to explore 5000 years’ worth of grand history.

Sail down the Nile at sunset,  marvel the Great Pyramid of Giza and Sphinx. Take in the rich history and spectacular testaments to Ancient Egyptian architecture touch impressive hieroglyphics, pylons and carvings. The sheer magnitude of stories told by the architecture and kemetologist will leave you speechless. 

Immerse in the Egyptian affluence and pure opulence.This is a trip of a lifetime!! We invite you to join US for a celebration of Black Excellence! 


Journey with us as we visit the archipelago of Cape Verde. Straddling the continent of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean we explore the dramatic landscape that blends gorgeous beaches and gargantuan volcanoes, picture-postcard sea ports and sunsets enhanced by wind-blown sand from the nearby Sahara.

The beautiful and mysterious islands hides some historical details of the diaspora. We explore Cape Verde deeper by venturing to world’s largest slave market and learn about the historic role of the fortress and the trans Atlantic slave trade.

This trip is a soft all inclusive centered on culture, history,  lifestyle and fun island adventures. 























more to come!

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