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Whether your preference is an African Safari, a annual African festival, ancestry discovery or the usual sun, sand and cuisine adventure - we curate trips of a lifetime!

Our authentic, sustainable travel experiences take you on a immersive, reflective journeys, where the sunsets are more vibrant and the music echos through your soul as you discover some of the greatest stories never told.

Journey to our ancestral homelands.

We have the perfect trip for you!


Join us as we travel the coast of West Africa through Benin and Togo for seven days of Authentic cultural and historical immersion. Explore the Benin port city of Cotonou and its famous fabric market, then travel to the home of the great Kindgom of Abomey – renowned for the ruling of King Ghezo & Ghele.

With its historical palaces & python-filled temples, this is a country an intoxicating fusion of tribal culture, voodoo rituals, fire dances – and a dark past represented by the slave forts dotting the coasts. Religion and reality blur, especially in Benin – the home of the voodoo religion where powerful rituals and fearsome fetishes can be seen throughout the country.

Explore fetish markets and voodoo drumming ceremonies in Togo’s coastal capital, Lome, before continuing on to Benin’s sinister “Door of no Return”, which stands on the beach, is a memorial to the enslaved Africans who were taken from the slave port of Ouidah to the Americas.

This trip is packed with culture and the beauty of West Africa. We look forward to hosting your journey!


We are connecting to our ROOTS! Green Book Travel offers Senegal and Gambia as a new addition to our cultural exploration series.  


This trip explores two culturally dynamic and cosmopolitan countries merging cultural experience with important history and stunning landscapes. We are uncovering the rich culture, history, cuisine and artistic significance that reflects the colonial history and significance of African descendants. This is a trip of a lifetime! We invite you to discover West Africa with a  pilgrimage to pay respects to the ancestors!  


Panafest is the Perfect time to visit Ghana! The biennial festival is observed every two years to celebrate people of Africa & African Decent. This is a beautiful homecoming celebrating heritage and culture!


The year of return marked 400 years since the arrival of the 1st recorded landing of a slave ship in Virginia, which launched the acceleration of the horrendous Middle Passage Trans-Atlantic Slave trade. The Green Book team is excited to lead a triumphant voyage, specifically for travelers of African Descent, welcoming you back HOME during one of the most preeminent festivals  of Ghana. “The Return” to the MOTHERLAND is here!


Our 11 day, 10 night trip is packed full of adventure and culture. You will be captivated by the legendary history and extraordinary culture and customs that are almost undiluted sprinkled in with a few extra surprises. The Return will be a trip of a lifetime. We look forward to hosting your journey!


Join us as we journey to Nigeria. Home of laughter, fun, culture and energy . This cultural trip is rich in history combined with the fun of Lagos!!! Join our culturally rich Ancestral journey to get a glimpse of the raw edges of the world, immersing yourself in deep and layered cultures. From Yoruba shrines to the slave ports.

Our trip is highlighted around the ancestral journey of Black Americans in the Diaspora. We invite you to honor the legacy and resilience of Blackness, enjoy the vast landscape of West Africa, and connect.  This will be a trip of a lifetime!





Sierra Leone














more to come!

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