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Green Book Travel is a full service travel company that specializes in hosting culturally immersive Ancestry & Heritage trips with an emphasis on the African Diaspora, while serving as a source for travelers to connect with global black businesses. 


Our authentic, cultural experiential trips provide enriching experiences by delivering innovative programs that explore the significance of the African Diaspora and diverse heritage contributing to Black culture and traditions globally. Retrace ancestral footprints while revering traditions, learning about local tribes, customs, arts, fashion and diverging historic accounts while making new memories.

The Green Book Directory champions unification by creating a network of sustainable partnerships with Black entrepreneurs in the hospitality & tourism sector from, tour operators,  transportation providers, hotels, camps, restaurants, content creators and/or product and service merchants. Our platform provides a outlet for business owner to showcase to consumers whilst promoting commerce.


With over 50 countries explored and 20 years of experience in client service, education, program development, hospitality and tourism we are committed to providing you with best in class travel experiences while also ensuring that your trip benefits locals through ethical tourism, supports community development projects & preservation of cultural at every destination that we offer!

Your life -Your story - GO Green

meet OUR founder
Kennedy Johnson M.Ed, MHA

This Influential World traveler, entrepreneur & change agent is on a quest to discover all that the world has to offer and redefining the experiences of Black Travel globally.  Philanthropy, business development, facilitating connections; curating epic experiences for others are huge passions. In her off time she enjoys going on thrill seeking adventures in foreign lands and documenting it all-with style & grace .

Professional Education/Certifications:

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